League Details:  MBSL 4 T-Ball

Dates: 05/01/18 - 06/16/18

#Team NameTeam ColorWLTWin Pct.StandingSportsmanship ScorePrimary Contact
1Play Discover Grow
000 0.000 0.00N/A
2Murphy Tractor
000 0.000 0.00N/A
3Miamisburg Community Foundatio
000 0.000 0.00N/A
4Fink Brothers
000 0.000 0.00N/A
5Maimisburg Eagles
000 0.000 0.00N/A
6South Town Painting Inc.
000 0.000 0.00N/A


League Schedule For:  MBSL 4 T-Ball

DatetimeLocationHome TeamScoreAway TeamScore
05/01/20186:00PDiamond 9@Rice FieldPlay Discover Grow0South Town Painting Inc.0
05/01/20187:15PDiamond 9@Rice FieldMiamisburg Community Foundatio0Fink Brothers0
05/02/20186:00PDiamond 2@Rice FieldMurphy Tractor0Maimisburg Eagles0
05/05/201810:00ADiamond 1@Rice FieldMurphy Tractor0Miamisburg Community Foundatio0
05/05/201811:15ADiamond 1@Rice FieldMaimisburg Eagles0Play Discover Grow0
05/05/201812:30PDiamond 1@Rice FieldSouth Town Painting Inc.0Fink Brothers0
05/12/201810:00ADiamond 1@Rice FieldSouth Town Painting Inc.0Murphy Tractor0
05/12/201812:30PDiamond 1@Rice FieldMaimisburg Eagles0Miamisburg Community Foundatio0
05/12/20183:30PDiamond 1@Rice FieldPlay Discover Grow0Fink Brothers0
05/15/20186:00PDiamond 9@Rice FieldMiamisburg Community Foundatio0Play Discover Grow0
05/15/20187:15PDiamond 9@Rice FieldMaimisburg Eagles0South Town Painting Inc.0
05/16/20186:00PDiamond 2@Rice FieldFink Brothers0Murphy Tractor0
05/19/201810:00ADiamond 1@Rice FieldFink Brothers0Maimisburg Eagles0
05/19/201811:15ADiamond 1@Rice FieldMiamisburg Community Foundatio0South Town Painting Inc.0
05/19/201812:30PDiamond 1@Rice FieldPlay Discover Grow0Murphy Tractor0
05/22/20186:00PDiamond 9@Rice FieldSouth Town Painting Inc.0Play Discover Grow0
05/22/20187:15PDiamond 9@Rice FieldMaimisburg Eagles0Murphy Tractor0
05/23/20186:00PDiamond 2@Rice FieldFink Brothers0Miamisburg Community Foundatio0
05/29/20186:00PDiamond 9@Rice FieldMiamisburg Community Foundatio0Murphy Tractor0
05/29/20187:15PDiamond 9@Rice FieldFink Brothers0South Town Painting Inc.0
05/30/20186:00PDiamond 2@Rice FieldPlay Discover Grow0Maimisburg Eagles0
06/02/201810:00ADiamond 1@Rice FieldMurphy Tractor0South Town Painting Inc.0
06/02/201811:15ADiamond 1@Rice FieldMiamisburg Community Foundatio0Maimisburg Eagles0
06/02/20183:30PDiamond 1@Rice FieldFink Brothers0Play Discover Grow0
06/09/201810:00ADiamond 1@Rice FieldPlay Discover Grow0Miamisburg Community Foundatio0
06/09/201811:15ADiamond 1@Rice FieldMurphy Tractor0Fink Brothers0
06/09/201812:30PDiamond 1@Rice FieldSouth Town Painting Inc.0Maimisburg Eagles0
06/13/20186:00PDiamond 2@Rice FieldMurphy Tractor0Play Discover Grow0
06/16/201810:00ADiamond 1@Rice FieldMaimisburg Eagles0Fink Brothers0
06/16/201811:15ADiamond 1@Rice FieldSouth Town Painting Inc.0Miamisburg Community Foundatio0
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