League Details:  Friday Men's - Church League

Dates: 04/20/18 - 06/08/18

#Team NameTeam ColorWLTWin Pct.StandingSportsmanship ScorePrimary Contact
3First Baptist Miamis
910 0.901 0.00N/A
5University Baptist Church
720 0.782 0.00N/A
4Towne Boulevard
540 0.563 0.00N/A
7Miamisburg Christian Church
540 0.564 0.00N/A
6Southbrook Christian Church
360 0.335 0.00N/A
1Springhill Church of Christ
360 0.336 0.00N/A
2Southwest Church
090 0.007 0.00N/A


League Schedule For:  Friday Men's - Church League

DatetimeLocationHome TeamScoreAway TeamScore
04/20/20186:15PDiamond 2@Rice FieldSouthbrook Christian Church12First Baptist Miamis19
04/20/20187:15PDiamond 2@Rice FieldSouthwest Church14Miamisburg Christian Church20
04/20/20188:15PDiamond 2@Rice FieldUniversity Baptist Church16Springhill Church of Christ3
04/20/20189:15PDiamond 2@Rice FieldSpringhill Church of Christ10Towne Boulevard18
04/27/20186:15PDiamond 2@Rice FieldFirst Baptist Miamis21Towne Boulevard4
04/27/20187:15PDiamond 2@Rice FieldMiamisburg Christian Church20First Baptist Miamis33
04/27/20188:15PDiamond 2@Rice FieldSpringhill Church of Christ14Southbrook Christian Church33
04/27/20189:15PDiamond 2@Rice FieldSouthwest Church5University Baptist Church24
05/04/20186:15PDiamond 2@Rice FieldMiamisburg Christian Church23University Baptist Church27
05/04/20187:15PDiamond 2@Rice FieldUniversity Baptist Church14Towne Boulevard13
05/04/20188:15PDiamond 2@Rice FieldSpringhill Church of Christ15Southbrook Christian Church1
05/04/20189:15PDiamond 2@Rice FieldSouthwest Church2First Baptist Miamis26
05/11/20186:15PDiamond 2@Rice FieldTowne Boulevard18Southwest Church3
05/11/20187:15PDiamond 2@Rice FieldSouthbrook Christian Church15Towne Boulevard19
05/11/20188:15PDiamond 2@Rice FieldUniversity Baptist Church16First Baptist Miamis15
05/11/20189:15PDiamond 2@Rice FieldMiamisburg Christian Church23Springhill Church of Christ8
05/25/20186:15PDiamond 2@Rice FieldTowne Boulevard20Southwest Church8
05/25/20187:15PDiamond 2@Rice FieldFirst Baptist Miamis18Springhill Church of Christ3
05/25/20188:15PDiamond 2@Rice FieldSouthbrook Christian Church10Miamisburg Christian Church20
05/25/20189:15PDiamond 2@Rice FieldMiamisburg Christian Church23University Baptist Church22
06/15/20186:15PDiamond 2@Rice FieldTowne Boulevard7University Baptist Church21
06/15/20187:15PDiamond 2@Rice FieldFirst Baptist Miamis8Southbrook Christian Church7
06/15/20188:15PDiamond 2@Rice FieldSouthbrook Christian Church7Southwest Church0
06/15/20189:15PDiamond 2@Rice FieldMiamisburg Christian Church20Springhill Church of Christ16
06/22/20186:15PDiamond 2@Rice FieldSouthwest Church2First Baptist Miamis15
06/22/20187:15PDiamond 2@Rice FieldSpringhill Church of Christ21Southwest Church17
06/22/20188:15PDiamond 2@Rice FieldTowne Boulevard19Miamisburg Christian Church18
06/22/20189:15PDiamond 2@Rice FieldUniversity Baptist Church0Southbrook Christian Church7
06/29/20186:15PDiamond 2@Rice FieldFirst Baptist Miamis22Miamisburg Christian Church13
06/29/20187:15PDiamond 2@Rice FieldFirst Baptist Miamis11Towne Boulevard5
06/29/20188:15PDiamond 2@Rice FieldSpringhill Church of Christ14Southwest Church6
06/29/20189:15PDiamond 2@Rice FieldUniversity Baptist Church22Southbrook Christian Church7
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